The Deal Network provides an opportunity for individuals to become Freelance Sales people (Deal Makers). Generate an income by finding business leads.


The Deal Network enables suppliers (Deal Partners) of high value products to increase their Sales Reach and facilitate Social Upliftment.


Step 1 – Sign Up as a Freelance Deal Maker on The Gauteng Deal Network

Step2 – Connect with your community, colleagues, family and friends to find Leads for Deal Partners listed on the Deal Network.

Step 3 – Submit your business lead by selecting the Product Type and complete the online form.

Step 4 – Deal Partners (Suppliers) contact you within 24 hours. You agree on the Finders Fee and provide them with the Buyer details.

Step 5 – The Deal Partner concludes the deal. Once they have received payment from the Buyer they will make payment to you the Deal Maker.


Join the Gauteng Deal Network as a Supplier and get more business

Join the Gauteng Deal Network as a Deal Maker and create income.


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